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When people first hear of Tantra straight away they think of Sex - sexuality. Of course there is tantric sex, but, Tantra is much more a relationship with the world, it is being vulnerable and be able with this vulnerability access this subtlety with the world and with others. I find it very interesting people’s fear when they have to get undressed. “Oh do I take everything off” “oh should I get undressed”? There is always a tense moment when they need to go through that phase. There is a misconception of the ocidental world that you should present your body in a believed way otherwise is wrong. They see the body as something obscene, it mustn’t be seen by others, therefore people are afraid of being nude. 

In my opinion you can be much more undress emotionally rather than the body. You need to fear the nudity of your emotional that is true. The nakedness of your soul is the most beautiful thing it is transforming it is real.I find the power of subtlety beautiful. We don’t need much, eye gazing is key to enter ones soul.

The way I deal with Tantra is very personal, my sessions are a snapshot of all I have been through since I was a child. My sexuality and the inner me have been transformed for the last past years and I have been exchanging my experiences with many many lives in a very classic way. I think everyone should have a chance to meet this experience and develop the knowledge of themselves.

I kind of see myself when giving a session a bit of a psychologist and sexologist some say I'm their best friend.  I'm just trying to bring out what's hidden in people's live in this crazy and selfish world.

Seldom I plan my sessions, everyone is unique and every session is different, I need to feel what to work in the session when im with the receiver. Tantra is the way and Ill show you that. 

Purity of your soul is the definition of my Tantra.

Lady Jhessy

I believe every person is unique



Tantra is a catalyst for the following areas of concern. Have you ever wanted to do any of the following? 

- To release both emotional and physical toxins from the body

- Enhance love, intimacy and sexuality  

- Improve relationships 

- Heal the body, mind and spirit



Yes, we have to pray to someone. And let the first prayer always be for ourselves, honoring this body we have, revering the key of love that we are, interrupting the process of an entire story that alienated us from the body. This body is beautiful, this body is sacred, this body is yours.



***Since 2006***

Such harmony within you creates a harmonized reality that heals your mind, body and spirit. 

Tantra is ideal to bring back the balance in connection inside and on the outside.

Believe in you!!!


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