Tantra & I


I met Tantra, this behavioral, matriarchal and sensorial philosophy that I am teaching today more than 10 yrs ago...

It considers the body an instrument for transcendence - hence the body, so disregarded by Socratic-Platonic-Christian morality. A way to get in touch with your inner. Our sexual / vital / creative energy plays an essential role in this connection process. Therefore, the orgasm felt in this state of total presence would be the apex of this activation. It is authorizing this energy that we perceive that we are key. 

I remember Georges Bataille (a French thinker I love, who was a tantric  healer and didn’t know), said that orgasm was 'a moment of discontinuity', an instant when the ego is dissolved and you flirt with the incorporeal, with the sacred. That is why the French call it an orgasm of petit mort (little death). You lose control, your rationality is lost, your energy is so strong that you overflow, you enter into an altered state of consciousness, becoming a very powerful connection key with that infinity.

That's why I always say: orgasm is a prayer. When you understand that matter, your relationship with your body changes, your relationship with your own pleasure changes, your relationship with nature is enhanced. 

Tantra was what I needed to understand that everything is made of the same material: what I feel when I read or write a book, what I felt before death, the shiver that comes when I see a moon rising in the sea or a beautiful sunset. The healing power that flows in me when I lead my Tantric experiences, the powerful orgasms that I have after I began authorizing all my vital energy. 

It is the incomprehensible poetry of nature, it is the sacred manifesting in all its fullness, I connecting with that something that does not have to have name so that I allow myself to feel.