Why Tantric massage / TECHNIQUE?

7 years old... USA

Sexually harassed by one of daddy's employee.

at that stage you don't really know what is good or bad.  You have no idea if somebody is misleading you or not.

Everything he did was pleasurable and felt so nice.

13 years old... USA

Again by mums cousin who was meant to stay in our house for 2 months end of staying 6 months... at home after school with a lil bit of knowledge of what was happening I enjoyed his actions, whatever he was doing, touches etc...

But somehow I felt that it was not really right...

Anyway, I tried to prevent it from happening but now and again hands were all over the place here and there without my consent.


19 years old... in Europe

A friend of mine Barbara some of you might know her (very old in the industry - one of the first to bring Tantric to the UK) introduced me to this Therapy which she said it would help even heal me.

I thought about it and said: I'm up for it I want to go on this journey. 

After a year or so there was me there after the training and therapy sessions with my libido back, my energy, love and spiritual aspect 99% clean.



It all started from there... it healed me and I said to myself - I want to do this to people, I want to share it. and... hmmm that's how I started sharing my technique within the world of spirituality and sensuality = sexuality.


I've been a TANTRIKA now and again sharing my experience with 1000ks of people and have been very successful when introducing this amazing technique to other people.

I've been able to change people's live just by having a unique session. They have come back to me with that gratitude saying.

All I want...

Is to make the difference in your life when you have a session with me.  You are loved and deserve the best while on earth.

You are a loving creature and believe in yourself, discover what is hidden in you, bring it out your inner that you might have not met.

Tantra is indeed essencial for your daily life routine.